We are Express Cargo Solution

Our staff consists of qualified specialists with over 13 years’ experience in freight transport. With a solid background in all freight forwarding areas such as shipping, air transport, road transport, logistics, express service, logistics solutions based on reliability and quality, we represent the best option for all your logistics needs.

Whether it’s a normal load or sensitive parcels, you can be sure that we can provide quality and reliable services all over the world and we will even surpass even the most eccentric needs for your shipments.

The import and export activity is our main concern for the international freight service. The services offered are quick and customized for each customer, depending on the budget and required delivery time.


Our mission

  • Continuous improvement of our system of services
  • Continuous Security of Goods
  • Clearance and Service Conformance
  • Maintain high ethical standards
  • Very efficient customs brokerage
  • Preventing environmental pollution
  • Reliable relationships with our suppliers
  • Transparency, Quality, and Affordable Prices

The ECS transport company is in a continuous process of development and provides customers with expertise and commitment to achieve the expected results and your company development. We guarantee the logistics necessary for a safe, fast and quality transport on any route.

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