Storage and distribution

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Without a professional logistics support, it is almost impossible or difficult to make any international transport. Goods logistics involve information integration, transportation, inventory, storage, and handling of materials, and merchandise packaging.


ECS adds complete storage services and convenient, convenient, long-term storage of goods to the logistics and transport services chain.

ECS offers a full range of storage services:

– Storage, both for general merchandise and for refrigerated / frozen products
– process and documentation procedures
Inventory management management
– packaging / unpacking
– palletizing
– amortization / disassociation
– Containers Lift On / Lift Off
– stripping
– professional security system

Our company can handle the handling and storage of your goods, both in covered and uncovered warehouses, located in the free area of ​​Agigea, within the marina, at a short distance from the CSCT Container Terminal.

The warehouse is managed by qualified personnel who operate with machines that can pick up both pallets, general merchandise and oversized parts, pipes or barrels. The monitoring of goods within the warehouse is ensured by a complex camera system that can capture in the slightest detail both the activity within the warehouse and images outside it.