ECS offers a full range of shipping services, but is not limited to:

Containerized freight transport from / to Romania from / to almost any location around the world (FCL)
Cross – Cargo bookings to / from anywhere in the world
Grouping services around the world (LCL)
Process and documentation procedures

Regardless of the volume of cargo and / or weight, using our services you can choose to transport large volumes worldwide and / or heavy loads in FCL or small packages and group loads (LCL).

Full Container Load (FCL)

FCL is an abbreviation for Full Container Load. FCL is used in the shipping service; Describes the transport of a full container. FCL usually involves a sender and a recipient. Transporting a full FCL container usually costs less. FCL means that the container load reaches its maximum permissible weight or full scale. Loading a container is a rather difficult procedure, and during loading, care must be taken to avoid damage to the goods. As such, there are some rules that you should know in order to maintain the good / good in good condition:

The charging vessel must be inspected internally and externally before charging.
The load must be fixed to the best anchorage point inside the container.
The container must be loaded with / up to the permissible weight.
The cargo / cargo must be properly packaged, it is necessary to use special packing materials for sea or air transport.
During loading, you must use appropriate equipment, do not use heavy forklifts in the container during loading / unloading as there is a risk of damaging the floor of the container.

Less than a Load Container (LCL) Group

LCL is a term used to describe small cargoes on the ocean that does not require the full capacity of a container – typically less than 20 cubic meters (cubic meters). A freight forwarder can create a „consolidation” to put together multiple LCL shipments. Freight forwarders often use LCL as an economic alternative to air freight transport for smaller, less time-sensitive shipments.

The types of containers used are 20 ‘, 40’ and 45 ‘, standard, open-top, high cube, flat rack, platforms, refrigeration-reefer, tankcontainere.

Offering complete maritime and multimodal transport services, ECS promotes port-to-port, door-to-port, port-to-door and door-to-door services, benefiting from the operational support of its international agents part.


If the goods based on your logistics chain are oversized, atypical, with a huge mass or if simply because of the considerable volume of merchandise you want an efficient alternative to international container transport, our logistics department is available for you Competitive logistics solutions.


River barge transport is one of the most environmentally friendly, efficient and competitive forms of transport for large volumes of cargo in terms of costs involved. Another advantage is that by using this means of transport, customers have the opportunity to avoid the blockages, congestion and restrictions that characterize the road transport. At the same time this type of transport is increasingly encouraged by the European Union due to the ecological factor, the fuel consumption per unit being transported is significantly diminished compared to the road transport.